Petite Rouge

Petite Rouge is a South African company that is passionate about upcycling and inspiring people to get creative with things that they have in their home. We have an exclusive range of decor paint products including a water based paint that adheres to almost any surface WITHOUT priming or sanding!

We offer a range of products and workshops on how to use our wonderful paint, stencils, moldings and vinyls.

FP0001 - Scotts Roses (695mm x 495mm)
128 Floral Swirls (325x200)
FP0003 - Bourgeoise Pivoine (695mm x 495mm)
Savon a la Lavande (285x200)
No.121 BATH HOUSE (340x240)
French Laundry (300x300)
Bunny (204x245)
Bunny (204x245)
R 95.00
No.127 Floor Floral (820x290)
No.118 Parfumerie Au Principe De Fleurs
De La Cour Bordeaux (295x390)
Hotel Victoria (365x215)
Le Chateau Du Moulin (450x320)

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