Our stencils are available in different shapes and sizes, from french inspired to oriental styles.

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91 results
128 Floral Swirls (325x200)
Aux-Bains (200 x323)
Bakery English (370 x 270)
Bakkery (400 x 275)
Bicycle (350 x 250)
Birds on a line
Birds on a line
R 85.00
Bistro (380mm x 410mm)
Bluebell Wreath (300x180)
Boer maak n Plan (210x180)
Boere Mark (280 x 595)
Bonjour (270x340)
Buffalo (250x180)
Bunny (204x245)
Bunny (204x245)
R 95.00
Café de Paris (173x148)
Chateau (350 x 345)
Chateau Scroll (350x345)
Chocolat de Alpages (360x220)
Coffee (230 x 110)
Coffee Time (175 x 130)
Country Air (210x180)
Daisy Damask (A4)
Damask Heart (210 x 300)
De La Cour Bordeaux (295x390)
Donkey with flower (180x290)
Donkey with Hat (155x285)
Farmers Market (300 X 590)
French Laundry (300x300)
Grand Bazar (390x270)
Grande Pharmacie (338x205)
Heart Repeat (355 x 175)
Heart Windmill (325 x 150)
Hotel Victoria (365x215)
Kitchen (375 x 275)
Koffie (230 x 110)
Kombuis (275 x 375)
Kudu (200x230)
Kudu (200x230)
R 90.00
91 results
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