Our stencils are available in different shapes and sizes, from french inspired to oriental styles.

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103 results
No.131 Farmers Market (415x255)
No.133 Farm Blend Grain 380x360
No.15 Bluebell Wreath Quarter (220mm x 235mm)
No.55 Paris Number 13 (205mm x165mm)
No.66 Italian Vine Scroll (235mm x 325mm)
No.67 Italian Wreath (360mm x 375mm)
No.68 La Musique Script (290mm x 205mm)
No.70 Ornate Corner Scroll (230mm x 245mm)
No.86 Inkwell & Script (290mm x 325mm)
No.89 Ink Script (210mm x 295mm)
No.93 Maison de la Cassagne (300mm x 310mm)
No.94 Bunny (210mm x 255mm)
No.95 Bunny (295mm x 245mm)
No.96 Bunny (190mm x 345mm)
No.97 Bunny (225mm x 425mm)
No.99 Laundry Room (420mm x 280mm)
No7 (280 x 385)
No7 (280 x 385)
R 140.00
Patisserie Parisienne (370x270)
Plaas Kombuis (175 x 130)
Rhino (170x185)
Rhino (170x185)
R 90.00
Rose Chandelier (385 x 365)
Rose garland
Rose garland
From R 220.00
Rose lines
Rose lines
R 180.00
Rose Repeat (285 x 135)
Royal Bee (280x250)
Savon a la Lavande (285x200)
Scott’s Roses (350x230)
St Tropez (323x279)
Teacup stencil (290mmx240mm)
Welcome to our Nest
Zebra (190x270)
Zebra (190x270)
R 120.00
103 results
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